Listening to My Inner Voice

Listening to My Inner Voice

One week we were happily meeting for our classes and the next week we weren’t.  For me it allowed more time for my personal practice, on-line study, cleaning out my yoga files that had been growing with eighteen years of teaching.  I was able to take care of myself, to stay centered and grounded and get quiet on my mat. 

It wasn’t long and I heard that inner message “what can I do?”  “how can I help my students?” I began making videos- breathing, meditation, Lymph Love, Core, Yoga for Better Sleep.  I suggested they make a donation or help someone in need. Many yogis let me know the videos were helping them to be grounded and to have a home practice. That was my motivation to make another video.

I did a little survey to my students?  How would they like to meet for practice?  Videos, Zoom Classes, Outdoor Pop-ups, In person with social distancing.  It was about an even call for each type.  I wasn’t really excited about Zoom teaching but decided to try it.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  It was good to see my yogi friends again.

I’ve also done a couple of Pop-up yoga classes on my patio with social distancing. It was like arriving at a wonderful vacation destination. I’m really holding on to that feeling of being together to practice. It lifts me.

For now, I’ll continue to offer the Zoom and Pop-up classes.  My inner voice is now asking me what can I do to support racial justice?   I’m listening.