Doug’s Cookies

Whole wheat-Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies – AKA – Doug’s Cookies


1 ¼ cups    whole wheat flour
2 ¾ cups    quick-cooking oats
½ cup        whole flax seeds
½ cup        brown sugar
2 tsp        baking soda
1 tsp        ground cardamom
1 tsp        ground cloves
1 tsp        ground cinnamon


3 cups of    raisins, dates,
apricots, blueberries,
cranberries, etc.
(or any mixture
of these).


1 cup    water
3 oz    prunes
2 tsp    lecithin
2    egg whites
1    whole    egg
1 tsp    vanilla

1. Thoroughly blend dry ingredients except raisins

2. Puree prunes with water, lecithin, eggs and vanilla

3. Mix dry ingredients with pureed ingredients

4. Mix in raisins or other fruit

Bake at 375oF for ~20 minutes.    Makes about 60 cookies

Poem – Green Gulch Farm

“Green Gulch Farm”

We live by the sun, We feel by the moon, We move by the stars,

We live in all things, All things live in us,

We eat from the earth, We drink from the rain, We breathe of the air,

We live in all things, All things live in us,

We call to each other, We listen to each other, Our hearts deepen with love and compassion,

We live in all things, All things live in us,

We depend on the trees and animals, We depend on the earth, Our minds open with wisdom and insight,

We live in all things, All things live in us,

We dedicated our practice to others, We include all forms of life, We celebrate the joy of living-dying,

We live in all things, All things live in us,

We are full of life, We are full of death, We are grateful for all beings and companions.

Stephanie Kaza, Green Gulch Farm


We are winding up the session on Kundalini Kriyas.  It was a lot of fun and included movements called: Ragdoll, Life Nerve Stretch, Inverted V, Camel Rider, Archer, Rock and the Ego Eradicator.  We did long deep breathing and breath of fire. We learned more about our Chakras and hopefully became more balanced so our energy can flow freely, promoting health, vitality and harmony.   Hope to see you in a future session. Peace and Joy!

Quote on Health

Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;… and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man.  ~James H. West


Chakra Affirmations:

Root Chakra:
I am grounded and balanced I am safe and secure.
I am always safe at the center of my being.
I am open to trusting myself.
I am ready to release old habits that not longer serve me.
I stand firmly in my life in a loving and imaginative way.
Sacral Chakra: 
I am in the flow of my life.
I am alive and joyful.
I allow pleasure and goodness into my life.
I am able to surrender my fears.
Navel Solar Plexus Chakra:
I am strong, centered, and determined.
I am powerful, brave and focused.
I am able to gracefully weather life’s unexpected storms.
My power radiates from the center of my being.
Heart Chakra:
I am able to give and receive love.
I am the light within my soul.
I am open to receiving happiness in my life.
I am trusting, open, and grateful.
Throat Chakra:
I am able to hear the voice of my soul.
I am able and willing to speak my truth.
I am able to celebrate the beauty in my life.
I am flowing with the current of universal energy.
Third Eye Chakra:
I follow the path of truth.
I am seeing and thinking clearly.
My love of life reflects itself in all that I see and do.
I acknowledge my worth and accept my goodness.
I use my intelligence and intuition to light my way forward.
I find wisdom from my past and healing in the present.
Crown Chakra:
I am at peace with myself.
I am.
I am empowered by the strength of my body.
I acknowledge the presence of spirit working in my life.
I am open to the healing power of spirit working in my life.
I release fear, doubt, and pain as I accept that my life is blessed.

Peace and Joy,




New Sessions Coming Soon!

Hi Yogis,

Registration will open on Thursday, April 19th at Morton Community Center.  A variety of classes including: Yin/Yang, All-Level, Continuing and Flow will be offered.  Visit the schedule page for complete details.  Please call Morton at 765-775-5120 to save your spot!

McAllister Recreation Center will be open for regsitration soon.   You can visit the schedule page to see what the summer yoga line-up will look like!





Five Minute Yoga

We want to move our bodies in every way available, everyday: extending, side bending, backbending, forward folding, and twisting. Add specific areas to your practice that need special attention: hamstrings, shoulders, neck, hips, balance, or core…We all have our area of opportunity! It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does require a commitment. The pay-off is sweet: more open body, mind, and spirit.

  • You can begin before getting out of bed. Hug your knees into chest and then gently twist.
  • Table and cat/cow.
  • Downward dog. Stretch it all out. (For a different option, try puppy or child pose.)
  • Plank. Get in a little strengthening.
  • Alternate back and forth between downdog and plank a few times.
  • Lower to your belly for a cobra or sphinx.
  • From seated, do sidebends, a forward fold, twists and then throw in another twist for good measure.

Pause at the end for a moment to notice your breath, set an intention for the day, and a moment of gratitude for what your body can do for you.



Hi Yogi Pals,

I know I’ve been AWOL to my site lately.  I’ve been  focusing on hang time with my daughter before she heads off for a semester in Germany.   I hope the new year is treating you well.   This mild winter is to my liking and has me thinking of spring:  clean out closets, change a few habits, adjust certain attitudes, update my website and include my Spring schedule….

Spring registration is now available at McAllister Center and Morton Center.

Peace and joy,



Rejuvenate and Rejoice – A New Year’s Yoga Retreat

Rejuvenate and Rejoice

A New Year’s Yoga Retreat
with Shari and Sherry

Saturday, January 7th

The McAllister Center
2325 N. 20th Street, Lafayette


Slow Flow with Shari Gass     OR     Flow to Music with Sherry Tripodi


Restorative Yoga with Shari Gass   OR    Yin Yoga with Sherry Tripodi


$20 for retreat (2 classes) in advance or $24 at the door

Spaces limited. Call the McAllister Center at 765-807-1360 to register.

Thank you for helping Food Finders Food Bank

Yogi Pals,

Thank you for your generous support of Food Finders Food Bank at our benefit class on Sat.  We had a full house with many on our waiting list.  We received $735 in donations for Food Finders.

How wonderful to be a part of such a generous yoga community.

Peace and Joy,

Shari and Sherry